Brake Services

We understand the critical role your brakes play in keeping you safe on the road. That’s why our brake repair services are designed to ensure your vehicle’s braking system is in fabulous condition.

Reliable Brake Repair Service

Your vehicle’s brakes are not just a convenience, they’re a critical safety feature that deserves the utmost attention. Our Brake Repair services are designed to ensure your brakes perform flawlessly.

Brake Pad Replacement

Over time, brake pads wear down, compromising your vehicle’s stopping power. Our skilled technicians are here to inspect, replace, and upgrade your brake pads, restoring your braking system to its optimal performance.


Brake Services

Self Pedals

We're proud to introduce our innovative "Self Pedals" technology in our brake repair services. We understand that brake performance is paramount to your safety, and our Self Pedals system is a game-changer.

Brake Warning Light

When your vehicle's brake warning light comes on, it's not just a notification – it's a call for immediate attention to your safety. At Auto Hub, our brake repair services include expert diagnostics and solutions for any brake warning light concerns.

Brake Fluid

We believe that brake repair services are only as good as the brake fluid that supports them. That's why we pay meticulous attention to your brake fluid as a fundamental part of our brake repair services.

Squeaking Noises

Squeaking noises often signal brake pad wear or issues with your braking system. Our expert technicians specialize in diagnosing and resolving squeaking brake issues swiftly and effectively.

Signs Your

Brakes need Replacement

Listen to your vehicle’s signals for brake issues: squeaking or squealing, grinding, vibrations, reduced stopping power, and a burning smell signals overheating. Also, keep an eye on the dashboard warning light. If you notice any of these signs, reach out to us for expert brake replacement.

Safety First

Watch your Steps!

S – Start with Inspection: Begin by thoroughly inspecting the entire braking system, including pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines.

A – Assess the Situation: Evaluate the severity of the brake issues and determine whether repair or replacement is necessary.

F – Follow Expert Guidance: Seek advice from experienced technicians who can accurately diagnose and recommend the right course of action.

E – Execute Carefully: If repairs are needed, perform them with precision and attention to detail, ensuring all components are correctly installed and aligned.

T – Test Thoroughly: After repairs, conduct comprehensive brake tests to confirm that the system functions correctly and that there are no issues with braking performance.

Y – Your Safety First: Always prioritize safety when dealing with brakes. Ensure that your vehicle’s brakes are in optimal condition before hitting the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Look out for warning signs like squeaking or grinding noises, reduced braking effectiveness, a soft or spongy brake pedal, or a pulsating sensation when braking. If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to have your brakes inspected promptly.
We recommend having your brakes inspected at least once a year as part of routine maintenance. However, if you experience any unusual symptoms like noise or reduced braking performance, it’s essential to have them checked immediately.
A brake inspection typically includes a thorough examination of the brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and brake fluid levels. Our technicians will identify any issues and provide recommendations for repairs or replacements as needed.
The duration of a brake repair service can vary depending on the extent of the repair needed. Simple brake pad replacements may take an hour or two, while more extensive repairs could take longer. We’ll provide you with an estimated completion time during our inspection.
Not necessarily. Brake wear can vary between the front and rear brakes. Our technicians will assess the condition of all brakes and recommend replacements based on their individual wear and performance.
Regular maintenance, such as brake fluid flushes, keeping a safe following distance to reduce sudden stops, and avoiding excessive braking, can help extend the life of your brakes. Additionally, having your brakes inspected as part of routine maintenance is crucial.
Yes, you can easily schedule a brake repair service online through our website or by calling our service center. Our staff will assist you in setting up a convenient service appointment.